8 Homemade Solutions To The Most Common Mouth Problems

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A toothache, bad breath, dry mouth or sores are some of the problems we can alleviate with home remedies, at least until we go to the dentist. Bad breath, toothache, dries mouth or sores in the mouth. They are some of the most common problems of the mouth, and also more annoying. To alleviate these situations, you will see the 8 most effective home remedies for the most frequent problems in the mouth.

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Before any ailment or sign of a problem in the mouth, it is advisable to visit the dentist. If the ailment is mild, or to alleviate the problem while we wait to go to the dentist, we can resort to some quick and effective home remedies. Homemade solutions that, at times, can help reduce the risk of suffering from injuries or accidents in the mouth. Let’s look at home remedies for the most common mouth problems.

Home Remedies For Common Mouth Problems

Home Remedy For Bad Breath

Bad breath can be a result of scale buildup in the mouth or lack of hydration (dry mouth). To solve this problem, it is advisable to take an infusion of peppermint. It is also effective to chew mint leaves. If the problem is due to dryness, you can take citrus fruits which help increase the production of saliva.

Home Remedy For Sores In The Mouth

If the sores appear after modifying, unwittingly, the tongue or lip, or stress or allergies, you can resort to a chlorhexidine antiseptic mouthwash to prevent infections.

Home Remedy For Dry Mouth

Dryness or intake of medications is often the main causes of dry mouth. When this sensation is very uncomfortable, it can be relieved by eating ice cream. This activates the salivary glands and provides instant moisture to the mouth.

Home Remedy If Your Gum Bleeds

If a bleeding gum occurs promptly, brush very gently and rinse the mouth with water and bicarbonate. Then rinse with water and a pinch of salt. It is a solution, as we have said, for punctual discomfort. If the gums bleed, they often have to go to the dentist as it is a sign of a more severe problem in the mouth.

Home Remedy If Food Is Stuck In The Gums

If a rest of food is keyed in the gums or the palate, the first thing is to disinfect. Make a rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash, but if you do not have it, you can prepare one: one teaspoon of salt per one liter of water.

Home Remedy If Your Jaw Hurts

Jaw pain is usually caused by holding your teeth tight at night. To relieve tensions in the jaw: it breathes in a breath of air and fills the cheeks. Slowly release it by mouth. Repeat four times in a row. The jaw pain may also occur when chewing.

Home Remedy If A Tooth Loosens

If, as a result of a blow, a tooth is loosened, it should be placed gently in position and held with moistened gauze. Then go to the dentist. If the problem is serious you have to go to the dentist, as the tooth can be exposed and without enamel. 

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Home Remedy If You Have Bitten Your Tongue

The tongue is an extremely sensitive organ. This causes that, to the minimum injury, like biting the tongue without wanting, the blood of scandalous way. If this is the case, the first thing is to avoid infection, being exposed to many bacteria. Place gauze on the tongue with water and baking soda. To relieve the pain, suck on an ice cube that will also help reduce inflammation. This also works for when we inadvertently bite the inner side of the Carrillo.

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